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Coming Up !

* Sat, Jun 3 - Redgate Winery, Salem 6p-9p $8 cover

* Fri, Jun 9 - Cascade Bar & Grill, Vancouver 9p-1a $5 cover (Rescheduled to Aug 11, 2023)

* Sat, Jun 10 - Hillsboro Elks, Hillsboro 7:30p-11p (members & guests)

* Wed, Jun 14 - Royal Oaks Country Club 6p-8p (members only)

* Sat, Jun 17 - Half Penny, Salem 8p-11p

* Fri, Jun 23 - Salem Elks, Salem 7:30p-10:30p (members & guests)

* Sat, Jun 24 - Zeller's Bar & Grill, Lincoln City 8:30p-12:30a

* Sat, Jul 1 - Redgate Winery, Independence 6p-9p

* Sun, Jul 2 - Harvester Taproom, St Paul 3p-7p (Rodeo weekend!)

* Sat, Jul 8 - Half Penny, Salem 8p-11p

* Fri, Jul 14 - 70th Annual Derby Days, Yamhill 7:30p-10:30p

* Sat, Jul 15 - Coelho Winery, Amity 6p-10p

* Fri, Jul 21 - Columbia County Fair, St Helens 9p-12a

* Sat, Jul 22 - Columbia County Fair, St Helens 12p-1p

* Fri, Aug 4 - Keizer Elks, Keizer 7:30p-11p (members & guests)

* Sat, Aug 5 - Keizer Elks, Keizer 7:30p-11p (members & guests)

* Fri, Aug 11 - Cascade Bar & Grill, Vancouver 9p-1a $5 cover

* Fri, Aug 18 - Salem Elks, Salem 7:30p-10:30p (members & guests)

* Sat, Aug 19 - Half Penny, Salem 8p-11p

* Sun, Aug 27 - Oregon State Fair, Garden Stage (spons by Willamette Art Center), Salem 3p-5p

See our events page for more details and future shows!

A big SHOUT OUT to all of the awesome venues out there for jumping on the
Huckle Buck Highway in 2023:
Redgate Winery
Cascade Bar & Grill 
Keizer Elks
Willamette Eagles-Keizer
Keizer/Salem Area Seniors 
McMinnville Grange
Salem Elks
Coehlo Winery
Hillsboro Elks
Yamhill Community Club (Derby Days)
City of Scio (Bridges, Bikes, and Brews)
Sublimity Harvest Festival
Harvester Taproom
Zeller's Bar & Grill
Royal Oaks Country Club
Michelbook Country Club
And a hearty THANK YOU to 
Half Penny, Oregon Garden Resort, 
Willamette Art Center / State Fair, 
and the Columbia County Fair for your continued support! 
But MOST of all, thank you to all you bucks and bunnies that come to our shows and support these places and live music! You make it fun!



John S: "We saw y'all at Cascade Bar and Grille. You guys are so great. We love your energy. those vocals are so great & that lead guitar makes me wanna practice. Thank you!"

Mary A, Columbia County Fair: "Your promo video is awesome. I heard so many compliments last year about you. People were saying you were the best band."​

Darci: "We are in need of a band for Fire banquet dinner. Huckle Buck Highway is our first choice, because we loved your performance last July!"​

Mark Salinas, Owner-Cascade Bar & Grill: "You guys got great reviews from the staff and the customers. You are welcome back any time."

Trista J: "Listened to this group last ni​ght 10-29-21-First time, and really impressed. Thoroughly enjoyed every song."

Monty Miller, Owner-The Half Penny: "I think you may have a winner Lou! That was a great show, you played a set list of champions, everyone enjoyed your picks, and as always your vocals sounded amazing... Want to tell you how much I appreciate you and your band!" 

Diana Gorsh, Owner Honky Tonk: "Wonderful people, very professional, and the crowd loves them!!! Happy to have them on my stage anytime!!!

Mylee Smith, Owner the By-Pass: "Everyone loved ya. We will see you again."

Stina W.: "Hi I went and saw you all at the Half Penny this weekend and u were amazing. I would like to see if you are available to play on New Year’s Eve and if so your prices and deposit. It is for the Willamette Eagles in Keizer." (Why yes, yes, we are available and thanks for the booking! See you New Year's Eve!)

Ingrid C.: "It was a pleasure to have you at the Columbia County Fair & Rodeo. We loved your music and hope to see you again next year."

Johnny Payne, Sound Tech: "Really great band, if you can book them, you will not be disappointed. The crowd loved them and the soundman really loved them. Complete professionals. The guitar tone was insanely clean creamy and wonderful! Can’t say enough good things about this band other than I want to work with them again!"

Lynne Rice, Oregon Garden Fireside Lounge Music Coordinator: “HBH has a great sounding band. The vocals are outstanding and you can tell by the way they blend together these are very talented musicians. There harmonies blend beautifully as well as the lead vocals that are strong and right on. The variety of music makes the entertainment aspect of the band outstanding. They have only been with us for less than a year, but will be with us for years to come!! The other point I would like to make is the way they interact with the crowd. Not only on stage, which it makes it fun and enjoyable to watch, but on their breaks; they mingle with everyone taking time to visit and get to know their audience. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with Huckle Buck Highway. Nobody will walk away disappointed from this band's sets!!”

Adele K.: "Huckle Buck Highway playing awesome music last night at the Half Penny. The dance floor was full…what a great evening of terrific live music and dancing the night away!"

Joy G. M.: "Great band!!!"

Jimbo G.: "I love Huckle Buck Highway! These guys and gal bring a fresh approach to mixed sets of old country & new. They're very popular in the area & always deliver!"

Chris H. : "Saw you guys at Half Penny a couple weeks ago. You sound great! Looking forward to your future shows!"

Don B.: "Great dance music last night at Half Penny. Where are all of you from? Again, we really enjoyed ourselves!!!"

Rosemary D.: "Absolutely great show!"



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Huckle Buck Highway

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(503) 991-2542



Serving the Pacific Northwest since 2021



Huckle Buck Highway--that road back to our roots: Country and Classic Rock, where country meets cool. Audiences may expect to hear country/southern rock, classic rock or a mix with covers from Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, George Strait, Billy Currington, Myranda Lambert, Brooks and Dunn, Toby Keith, Little Big Town, Chris Stapleton, Kenny Chesney, and Hal Ketchum just to name a few of the country genre, moving right into Georgia Satellites, Steve Earl, Lynyrd Skynyrd, CCR, Marshall Tucker Band, The Allman Bros, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Eagles, The Doobie Brothers, Van Morrison, Eric Clapton, Free, Bob Seger, Kiss, Bad Company, Wild Cherry, Eddie Money, Steve Miller Band, The Rolling Stones, Three Doors Down, R.E.M., Violent Femmes, The Black Crowes, and ZZ Top just to touch on the rock/southern rock genres.


With years of performing experience, all of the members having begun their musical journeys between the ages of eight and 12, this band is exploding with talent. They are professional musicians who are incredibly versatile, very entertaining, and will keep you on the dance floor! The members have sewn their roots on the stage. 

     * Brian Evola (lead and BG vocals, lead guitar) toured the east coast and mid-west with Chris Blair and the Bullseye Band, opening for Yankee Grey, Chad Brock, Shane Minor, LeAnn Rymes, Lee Ann Womack, and Chely Wright. He also toured the south with other bands such as Phaze III, Hank Bird Band, and Owl Creek Band, just to name a few. 

     * Doug Reeder (bass, lead and BG vocals) also most recently toured the Northwest with the Chris Loid Band, Footloose, California, and Living Sound; he also toured the Southwest with Brad Millet and the Black Ridge Streakers. 

     * Scott Cwalinski (drums) has played drums professionally since 1989 covering all genres and styles. His roots take him back to Montana where after developing his craft with the help of his dad and brother he played with many country and rock bands, leading to opening for Desert Rose and Lori Morgan. From there, many any years of his career were spent playing the Las Vegas Strip and casinos throughout the southwest opening for major acts like 38 Special, Night Ranger, Pat Benatar, Jimmy Van Zant & Friends, Ricky Van Shelton, Kansas, Brooks & Dunn, Hal Ketchum, Nils Lofgren (guitarist for Bruce Springsteen) and Joe Walsh. Scott also played cruise ships touring between Australia and Alaska as well as the Caribbean for a few years before the pandemic struck. Scott just completed a north-west tour with Gunhild Carling, Sweden's queen of swing. 

     * Lou Mickelson, founding member (lead and BG vocals, rhythm guitar, mandolin), while playing with Two of a Kind in Los Angeles had the privilege of performing on the Queen Mary when it was docked there, in addition to other college functions with that band and another, Heavenbound. She also played the Willamette Valley sharing lead and BG vocals and playing rhythm guitar with The Kenny Sears Band, pre-Covid. She is also currently performing with Next of Kin, a father/daughter-in-law acoustic duo who share lead and harmony vocals and often play the Oregon Garden in addition to several Oregon fairs, Veterans homes, private parties, and many retirement centers up and down the Willamette Valley and southern Washington.


They say timing is everything; that was certainly true for the members of this band. They were all seeking the next project that would be worth investing the time and effort to build something great from the ground up. In March of 2021, Lou and Brian connected through an app for musicians, realizing they both had similar influences, and like interests and goals. Not long after through a bass audition, Doug joined the team. The band has had several drummers, however, in Dec 2022, Scott Cwalinski stepped into the drummist role with a portfolio of non-stop professional accomplishments. The band has continued adding new venues and welcoming festivals, fairs, corporate events, wineries, and other private parties to the schedule. 


Be sure and check out the Recommendations link below to read "What People are Saying." Huckle Buck Highway will supply professional sound equipment unless your facility is already set up for that. Reach out and schedule your event today--you will NOT be disappointed! 


Photo: Julie Cwalinski


Who ​We Are


Photo: Edele Koltun

Lou Mickelson | Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Mandolin

Lou connected with music at a very young age, listening to her family’s record collection through headphones while lying on the living room floor.  As a sophomore in high school, she took an interest in her dad’s beat up guitar and with just a few lessons from her pastor, she began leading youth worship although she didn't really find her voice until she sang All I Have to Do is Dream at the local pizza parlor open mic night with a live band. She and three friends also put together a church camp quartet and traveled between Nor Cal and the bay area singing in different churches for a summer. Playing in several different bands was the highlight of her college years, but music took a back seat after marriage and family. Once the kids were older, the desire to perform returned, so she jumped back in by joining the church choir and worship team at Silverton First Baptist and the rest is history. Her musical influences are primarily Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings and other outlaw country artists as well as Kansas, Journey, and Lynyrd Skynyrd in addition to other artists who held a special place in her family's record collection over the years like Jim Reeves, Elvis, Buck Owens, and Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.

Photo: Bethany Mickelson

Brian Evola | Vocals, Lead Guitar, Sound

Brian's love of music began at an early age growing up listening to his dad perform with his band. As soon as he was old enough he began guitar lessons on an old hand-me-down. The more he learned the more the desire to play grew within him. At the age of 9 he was playing guitar at the Christian school he attended and at the age of 15 he was sitting in with his dad's band playing any instrument the group would hand over. Playing in a live setting at an early age opened him up to a wide variety of music. Merle Haggard remains at the top of his list to this day but players like Brent Mason, Johnny Highland, Red Volkart, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and Joe Bonamassa are key influences. Over the years Brian played in local bands and traveled opening for major label artists. While living in Georgia, Brian played for Revolution Church in Canton for almost 10 years before relocating to Washington where he currently plays for Northwest Gospel Church in Vancouver.

Photo: Sherry Evola

Doug Reeder | Bass, Vocals

Doug grew up in a family that enjoyed music. He began learning to play guitar around age 12. His dad taught him a few chords and some "Cowboy" songs and that got him started. He loved seeing popular rock and roll bands on TV. One day he saw a very good, popular local band play in his hometown theater. He sat right up close near the bass player. As they played through the pop hits of the day he thought to himself "That's how you do it!" That started a life long love of playing music. He eventually discovered the important role the bass guitar played in many of his favorite songs and decided to learn both bass and guitar. Primarily self taught he learned to slow down records and pick out each bass and guitar lick he wanted to learn. His early influences were bands ranging from Buck Owens and The Buckaroos to The Beatles and artists like Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page to name a few. Throughout his many years of playing he has traveled in various bands, both country and rock, and gospel all over the United States, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Today he loves to play a wide variety of songs, new and old, loved by all ages. He believes music keeps us young!

Scott Cwalinski | Drums

Scott saw his first live band at a fireworks show in New Jersey at the age of 5 and was amazed to see how music was made. His dad and older brother both played drums, dad for fun, brother in high school bands, and they both encouraged and mentored Scott from childhood on. Scott has played drums professionally since 1989, covering all genres and styles. Joining Huckle Buck Highway takes him back to his roots in Montana, where he played in many country and rock bands throughout the state, including at the bar owned by Jack Hanna (the Columbus Ohio zoologist from David Letterman) near Absororkee, Hanna Montana's. Scott also opened for Desert Rose and Lori Morgan while in Montana. Many years of his career were spent playing the Las Vegas Strip and casinos throughout the southwest where he opened up for major artists, such as 38 Special, Night Ranger, Pat Benatar, Jimmy Van Zant & Friends, Ricky Van Shelton, Kansas, Brooks & Dunn, Hal Ketchum, Nils Lofgren (guitarist for Bruce Springsteen) and Joe Walsh. After moving to Portland, Oregon in 2011, Scott played with many other country, rock and original bands. When gigs slowed down, he became a cruise ship musician touring between Australia and Alaska as well as the Caribbean and New York for a few years before the pandemic struck.

Most recently, he has picked up swing and Latin gigs in the Portland area. He just completed an Oregon tour playing big band jazz with Gunhild Carling, Sweden's queen of swing. Scott is looking forward to rocking the house weekly with Huckle Buck Highway in 2023!


Band Members 


Band Photos

Photo: Madison Mickelson

Photo: Dana Brandow

Miss Haddie rides the Huckle Buck brand!

Photo: Sherry Evola

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